Woman stretches on an exercise ball

That’s the weigh to do it!

How actress Maria McErlane rediscovered her mojo by skipping Britain’s rainy boot camps to slim in the sun in Morocco. She chose an in:spa programme to help her get back to…

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Sunrise over the Andalusian landscape

The Times enjoys an in:spa retreat in Spain

The Times journalist Nick Wyke joined a 7 night in:spa retreat in January. Southern Spain is one of the bases for in:spa’s tailor-made weeks of fitness, yoga and fabulously healthy…

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Woman resting in yoga class

Sleep better with yoga and meditation

in:spa yoga teacher James Giuseppi recommends some yoga and meditation tips for a better night’s sleep. Try and complete a selection of restorative poses daily, preferably during the afternoon or…

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A woman drinking water from a bottle

Pre-retreat detox guide

In order to maximise the beneficial effects of your in:spa retreat we suggest that you undertake some gentle preparation. Generally speaking, seven days of pre-retreat preparation is ideal and there…

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Large spoon of brown sugar

How sugar affects the brain

When you eat something loaded with sugar, your taste buds, your gut and your brain all take notice. This activation of your reward system is not unlike how bodies process…

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Nutritionist Amelia Freer

Nutritionist Amelia Freer posts new article about her experience on our fitness, detox and health holidays.

Amelia Freer, one of our original nutritionists, has written a blog article about our holidays, explaining how she made the switch from guest to in:spa nutritionist and why she fell…

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Why holidays can be a great time for weight loss / detox

The choice of spa holidays and wellness getaways has mushroomed since the mid 1990’s. Today there are literally hundreds of healthy holidays available from boot-camps in Britain to ashrams in…

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Eat your way to a good nights sleep

Emma Olliff, expert in:spa nutritionist, advises on how you can eat your way to a good nights sleep… It’s something that should be as easy as breathing, but more and…

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Mindful eating by tanya borowski

Proper metabolism & triggering weight loss begins with the breath! We’ve discussed a lot about what to eat, but much less attention is paid to the question of how we…

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Is gluten free just another fad?

The term Gluten Free is suddenly everywhere. From Hollywood stars to world class tennis players. And now, most likely, the person sitting next to you at work too. Everyone is…

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