I could not recommend inspa more highly. The team they sent out to France last week was just brilliant. Willan and Chris the personal trainers made exercise such fun, each session was different so you were never bored and they were so helpful throughout. Sarah cooked us outstanding food throughout, all highly nutritious and delicious – she is an excellent cook and I never saw her flustered at all. I did not see her relaxing all week. Hilary was so helpful with nutrition tips and balancing the planning of all meals and was available throughout the week for us to ask advice. She was so charming and smiley and always made us feel so happy! Isabelle does a massage never to be missed, such an incredible experience and I wish she was in the UK, she was interested as to how we felt after sessions and before. Isaac’s Yoga was incredible. I am relatively new to Yoga but I am now hooked on it. All lessons were so so good and he is such an experienced and brilliant teacher. The sound of his voice made me feel so so relaxed. We were lucky to have a highly qualified teacher. The venue was great being quiet, relaxing and remote but it would have been lovely to have a slightly larger pool to do daily lengths in. We went off site for the two hikes which was lovely so we could see the area otherwise none of us left the site as we were so happy and relaxed just ‘being’. I would highly recommend this retreat in every way. The staff were a fantastic team and the guests were all so lovely. I have made many new friends whom I hope to keep in touch with for many years to come. Thank you in spa for a very very memorable, relaxing, fun, healthy holiday – I feel like a new me.