Retreat host Kath Beesely

Kath Beesley

Kath’s sporty background, energy and motivation make her an ideal retreat host. Her care and attention, as well as her love of the outdoors, make her an invaluable member of the in:spa team and a host who ensures your trip will leave you full of energy and feeling amazing.

Kath began Personal Training 12 years ago and has gained many fitness qualifications including Boxercise and Vipr training. She likes to make sessions enjoyable but hard so her clients achieve the results they want with a smile on their face. Having completed her Meta Fit training, she currently teaches group sessions in gyms and outdoors with a variety of clients. Coming from a sporty back ground means that she particularly enjoys training sport specific clients and groups. She has run various marathons including New York and London, mostly dressed up for charities! Kath is highly motivated and she will make sure that her fitness sessions bring out the energy in you!