Magalie Paillard

Magalie is a nutritional therapist, plant-based trained culinary consultant who is passionate about healthy living and optimum nutrition.
After graduating from ION (Institute of Optimum Health), she started working with clinics and GPs who had an interest in nutritional therapy. Her passion took her to America where she was trained in plant-based nutrition in 2013.
Her coaching methods involve motivating and empowering her clients to lead a healthier and fulfilling life by giving them the right tools and knowledge. Magalie follows a holistic approach when seeing clients, which is aimed at supporting the body as a whole by addressing the root cause of their health issues.
She has had the opportunity to travel and work in various countries in the last 14 years – from clinics, retreats as well as 5 star hotels and resorts – which enabled her to continue learning and adapting her therapeutic skills to different cultures.