Malcolm Coombes

Malcolm is a registered REPs level 4 and a GP personal trainer with a specialist qualification in weight management/ obesity and Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. He is an exercise specialist using multiple disciplines including bodyweight, traditional resistance, kettlebell, suspension, high-intensity interval (HIIT), boxing and dance training to train a client base that spans a vast professional demographic from celebrities, producers, directors and home executives. He developed danceFIIT, barreFITT and groupFITT classes which are his own style whilst taking components of popular group fitness classes and have been a huge success in the fitness industry over the past 10 years. Previously, Malcolm had a lucrative international entertainment career spanning 18 years as a dancer and musical theatre actor/ singer travelling to all parts of the globe. At 41 years old and with all his career choices involving a thorough understanding of the human body, its aesthetics and potential for good form, he aims to have you feeling energised, inspired and wanting more.