Nutritionist and retreat host Melanie Brown

Melanie Brown

Mel joined the in:spa team as a nutritionist and is now one of our regular retreat hosts.  She’s highly organised and extremely good at looking after our guests, and it’s a real bonus having her nutrition expertise along side her management skills.

After 25 years in the health and beauty business, Melanie completed a three year full time degree in Nutritional Therapy, graduating in 2001. She practices in a central London clinic specialising in fertility and at a GP practice, holds community-based healthy cooking workshops, writes regularly for the Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine and is currently studying for a Masters in Nutritional Medicine. She specializes in hormonal problems, weight management, digestive issues and using nutrition to improve aging skin. However, she fundamentally believes that eating well makes you feel better, as well as helping improve health. She likes good food and her consultations are always really enjoyable as well as informative.