Sophie works as a travel specialist at our office in London’s Ladbroke Grove and has always been a fan of spinning but had never ventured further than her local gym. However, when she kept hearing about these ‘trendy’ new cycling studios she decided that she just had to go and try them out! Here’s what she thought of her experiences…

Ride Republic

This fantastic new studio between Fulham Broadway and Parsons Green is partnered with Tanya’s Café meaning that after a workout you have no excuse not to refuel in the healthiest way! Walking into the bright reception area/café you are greeted by some very ‘fit’ looking smiley people behind the desk who give you your cycling shoes and direct you downstairs into the changing rooms, or directly into the studio. The staff are very friendly and are on hand to set up your bike, show you how to clip in your shoes (and unclip, you don’t want to be stuck there at the end of the class) and grab you some hand weights. The studio is dark, with a small stage for the instructor.

The class starts with a gentle warm up and goes into interval training using speed and resistance. Half way through the class we lower the resistance, pick up our hand weights and do a number of arm/ shoulder exercises – at which point I’m glad I only picked up the 2kgs, as we come to the end of the weights section one of the staff comes through the class handing out cold towels which is a very welcome treat at this point. Two more tracks we come to the end of the workout, the lights come on and we go through a few stretches before heading downstairs for a very welcome shower with some lovely products provided.

I found this class great, the workout was hard, but was different to other spinning classes I’ve been to as you have a small computer on your bike telling you calories burned, RPM and your gear number. This really helped me as I knew I was working to the level the instructor wanted.

I’ve been back a few times, once attending a silent spin class where everyone has headphones, but I am yet to try the burn class where you compete with other people in the class.

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I have previously tried the Reshape class at 1Rebel and after that I was very excited to go back and try the spin class. The 1Rebel atmosphere is fantastic – as soon as you work into the building and see the outside flames you know you’re in for a treat. After you’ve been given your cleats (cycling shoes) you are shown downstairs to the very cool changing rooms with electronic lockers, towels and any toiletry you may need, so not to worry if you forget your deodorant.

I then went upstairs and into the spin studio, I was slightly late so I just slipped into a seat at the back, although I needn’t have worried as the studio which had 60 bikes, only had an occupancy of about 20 – a huge studio and not a lot of atmosphere sadly due to the lack of participants. The instructor however was great and very enthusiastic – the music was uplifting and the class was very hard work.

I thought the class was good, but sadly the emptiness of the class did effect the experience which was a shame. 1Rebel is a great studio, but if I went back it would be to the Reshape class rather than the spin class. I did have a delicious smoothie on my way home though!

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Psycle based just behind Oxford Circus is a fantastic modern studio – you walk in and are greeted with a cheerful hello, given your cycling shoes and shown to a very bright white changing room with electronic coded lockers. You are then directed down the stairs to the studio, instructed to grab some hand weights and off I went to find my bike. Luckily somebody was on hand to help me set this up, and show me how to clip my feet in and out of the bike.

The instructor then bounds in, the lights dim and the music starts – at this point I felt like I was in a nightclub! The workout itself was a mixture of speed and resistance with a small section half way through using the hand weights. Towards the end there was a section where we were literally dancing on our bikes!

This class, although an amazing workout, for me was more of an experience, you didn’t feel how hard you were working because of the enthusiasm of everyone in the room, the atmosphere was electric and everyone was loving it. There was whooping and encouragement coming from the back of the room throughout (I’m guessing they’re the regulars!) At the end of the class the instructor welcomed all the newbies to the Psycle family and gave me a high five on the way out!

Overall this was a fantastic studio, and awesome workout and I’m not surprised by it’s ‘cult-like’ status. I can’t wait to go back, and to try their new studio in Canary Wharf!

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