Healthy breakfast. Fresh granola, muesli in a glass jar. copy space.Organic oat,almond and sunflower seeds

Gluten free granola

All our nutritionists agree that taking gluten out of your diet whenever possible is a good idea. So, why not make yourself a stock of healthy granola to enjoy with…

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Freshly chopped fruit in bowls

Fresh fruit

There’s no real need to provide a recipe for this! Just pick your favourite fruits, make sure they are fresh, and chop them in to bit sized chunks and serve….

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Yoghurt with traditional spoons

Coconut & cashew yoghurt

Deliciously healthy, and you don’t have to add all of the powders suggested in the ingredients, but it’s a very good way to pack lots of superfood powders in. Once…

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Bircher muesli with apples and bananas

Bircher muesli

The trick with bircher muesli is to make it a couple of days in advance and store it in your fridge. Soak any flakes or a combination (buckwheat, millet, rice,…

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Berry smoothie served in a mason jar

Berry and coconut ultraclear smoothie

Quick, simple and delicious. If you’re in a hurry and need to rush out the door, just pour in to a cup or glass and get going.

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