Chocolate cake (gluten and dairy free)

A delicious healthier chocolate cake!

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Baked peach with peach and berry sauce

Peach melba

If you can’t resist treating yourself to a pudding, try this delicious peach melba recipe created by in:spa chef Miranda Martin.  

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Almond torte with a slice cut out

Orange almond torte

This delicious healthy pudding is often served to guests as a treat on the last night of our retreats. Originally created by in:spa nutritionist Natalie Savona and featured in her…

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Apples and blackberries before cooking

Blackberry and apple fool

This recipe serves 4.  

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Almond ice cream with almonds

Almond ice cream

Perfect on a hot summer day.  A healthy variation on the more traditional ice cream recipes.  It only takes a couple of minutes to make before you pop it in…

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