Whether you are a novice or a more experienced yogi, you will be pleased to know that most guests on in:spa retreats are travelling alone (approximately 70%) and that the yoga teachers on every retreat are all highly experienced and very good at looking after everyone in the yoga classes, whatever their level of experience. There are a maximum of 20 guests on each holiday.

in:spa retreats are hosted in three glamorous destinations: a fairytale chateau in the South of France, a hilltop boutique hideaway near Marrakech and a lovely private residence in the peaceful rolling countryside of southern Spain. As you would expect, all have wonderful indoor and outdoor yoga spaces.

Each day starts with energising yoga and stretching to gently awaken the body and mind, followed by a delicious, healthy breakfast. The rest of the day is taken up with a variety of other optional classes and activities, such as personal training sessions, massages, jogs or runs, group fitness classes and wonderful walks and hikes in the stunning countryside that surrounds every in:spa retreat destination. Of course, time is also put aside during the day to give all the guests ample opportunity to put their feet up beside the pool or to find a quiet corner in the garden to read a book. Or to relax in their room and treat themselves to a delightfully indulgent snooze.

At the end of every day, there’s an evening yoga class that’s restorative and relaxing. It’s a fabulous way of concluding the day!

The in:spa yoga teachers focus on postures, breathing and meditation. The teachers will be drawing from the methods of Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Sivananda yoga, and cater for all levels. So, there’s no restricted yoga style. With so many years experience, the teachers have all developed their own style that draws on their knowledge of all the methods they have learnt and come to enjoy the most.

On all in:spa retreats, some of the guests will be discovering the delights of yoga for the first time. Many find the discovery such a wonderful delight that they become firm yoga fans henceforth.

One of the additional benefits of an in:spa retreat is the gourmet cleansing diet created by the in:spa chefs and nutritionists. All meals are delicious and nutritious, and prepared without wheat, dairy, gluten, red meat, salt and alcohol – see sample menu. By the end of an in:spa retreat you are likely to feel a deep sense of renewal and increased energy, along with the awareness that you have regained some control over your wellbeing.

During your retreat you will have a private nutrition consultation and, since in:spa nutritionists are on hand throughout the week, you will be able to ask any other questions you may have. The chef on your retreat will also organise a cookery demonstration so that you can learn some great tips and recipes too.

in:spa has been hosting its unique and highly successful retreats for 10 years. A 7 night in:spa retreat will transform your physical and mental wellbeing through our proven in:spa programme of a gourmet detox diet, exercise, yoga and relaxation.