If you want to lose weight on your spa holiday, it’s important to choose the right type of spa holiday from the numerous options available.  First, it’s advisable to select a destination that does not have other guests who are not focused on losing weight and being healthy as this is highly likely to ‘lead you in to temptation’.  After all, if you can see others enjoying a slice of cake or some afternoon biscuits, it makes it much tougher to maintain self control!

We also recommend choosing a destination where the weight loss programme is practical and realistic, i.e. relatively easy to maintain once you get home.  There’s no point in simply starving yourself for a few days and then returning home to your old habits and blowing all your good work.

The third recommendation is to combine your weight loss spa holiday with one more key ingredient: exercise.  Spa treatments and a weight loss diet alone will not be sufficient to achieve good results.  You have to burn calories through exercise too.  Exercise can include walking, jogging, working out in the gym, yoga, tennis, cycling and swimming.  Pick whatever exercise options you find most enjoyable and aim to do at least a couple of hours a day during your holiday.  And then, when you get home, try to make sure that your new found exercise regime continues…

We know from 10 years of experience hosting in:spa retreats that our tried and tested formula of combining a healthy diet, with good practical nutritional advice, daily exercise sessions, daily yoga, and plenty of time to relax in the sunshine, is a fabulously successful route to weight loss.  So, if you would like to discover first hand how the in:spa programme can deliver outstanding results for you, please see dates & destinations and pick a week that suits you best.  We promise that you’ll return home looking and feeling amazing.

As a journalist from the Daily Mail proclaimed after her in:spa retreat: “Completely inspiring, we could hardly bear to leave… I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

The Healthy Holiday Company, which owns and operates in:spa retreats, also advises clients on other weight loss spa holiday options, dividing its recommendations in to three general categories: (i) the holistic approach (which would include in:spa), (ii) the fitness focused approach (which would include fitscape fitness holidays), and (iii) the clinical approach. For the clinical approach, The Healthy Holiday Company recommends specialist centres in Germany, Spain, India, Thailand, Italy, Portugal and Austria. For more details, please see weight loss holidays or just pick up the phone and call 020 8968 0501 and one of our healthy experts would be happy to advise on the best option for you.