There are both long and short-term benefits of a detox.

One of the greatest advantages of a well-planned detox is increased consciousness about food and nutrition. A detox might only last a week or two, but newly found expertise about which food choices are beneficial for health are rules that can be applied forever.

After a detox you will find that you feel more in tune with your body – you will know which foods feel right and which ones do not. By learning not to eat less but to eat lots of healthy and nutritious meals, you are giving your body what it needs, not what it craves.

Adapting the principles learned during a detox into your future lifestyle also adds to your sense of achievement.

In the short term, after just two or three days, you will feel less sluggish and should notice a clearer complexion. All detoxes include a substantial increase in fluids, from filtered water, herbal teas, smoothies and juices which flush out water-soluble toxins. As well as preventing constipation and bloating, these good-for-you drinks also lead to clearer, brighter skin.

After a week you will feel slimmer and more energetic. You will also start to experience positive psychological effects.

You can look forward to a strong sense of inner-calm, a more relaxed outlook and less lethargy. Mood swings, acne and headaches may be reduced, while sleep tends to be greatly improved. A good night’s sleep means less irritability, and waking energised gives you a better chance of being productive during the day.

A detox is a great immune booster too.

If you regularly suffer from colds, a detox can help your body battle against minor infections. Your bowel and kidneys will also work better, benefiting from the flushing out of toxins, increased liquid intake and better nutrition.

After a relatively short time urges to binge or comfort eat will reduce and you will find that you will reject empty calories found in highly processed foods like cookies and crisps which do not benefit your body in any way. (See what a specialist in:spa nutritionist, Natalie Savona, recommends you should stock up your larder with.)

More often than not, the cravings simply stop, which is a revelation for many detoxers.

By carrying over lessons learned from your detox long-term, you will see that clothes start to fit better and that your weight reduces.

Long-term health benefits are wide-ranging. The risk of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases are all lessened. The effects on the brain and memory are positive too -this is primarily attributed to less alcohol consumption.

Read expert advice on how to prepare for a detox and, once you’ve started, you may well find it helpful to read our recommendations on how to curb cravings as you detox.

If you think that you would need the guidance and motivation of an expert team in order to properly detox, then a 7 night in:spa retreat might be best for you. Our highly experienced nutritionists will be on hand for advice every day of your holiday. See all forthcoming retreat dates & destinations.