What’s the difference between an in:spa retreat and a fitscape fitness holiday?

Physical Exercise: An in:spa retreat will offer guests 2 or 3 exercise sessions each day, lead by one or more of our expert fitness instructors. On a fitscape week, guests will have a choice of 4 to 5 exercise sessions each day. All exercise classes are designed to be helpful and rewarding for all ages and levels of ability. A fitscape fitness holiday focuses on fitness. An in:spa holiday takes a more rounded, holistic approach and provides guests with other classes and more time to relax.

Hiking: Both fitscape and in:spa trips offer hiking, as this is a fun variation on the important aspect of fitness training that underpins both types of holiday.

Diet: in:spa chefs serve gourmet cleansing cuisine that excludes wheat, dairy, salt, sugar, red meat, caffeine and alcohol. All meals consist of light, innovative food that makes use of the highest quality fresh local fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry and other ingredients, all organic when possible. The food programme, carefully designed by the UK’s top nutritionists, offers the perfect blend of nutritious and delicious cuisine. Alongside targeted exercise, it is a formula that encourages deep cellular cleansing.

Whilst the meals on a fitscape week are both delicious and healthy, it is not designed to be so deeply cleansing. Our chefs will include some red meat and more carbohydrates than would be served on an in:spa week. This is because of the substantial amount of physical exercise taken on a fitscape week. However, most people would tell you that the most obvious differences regarding diet are that, on a fitscape week, guests can enjoy coffee and alcohol if they wish.

Nutritional consultations: Every guest on an in:spa holiday will benefit from a one to one nutritional consultation with one of our highly regarded nutritionists. Furthermore, the nutritionists are on hand throughout the holiday to talk to guests about all aspects of diet and nutrition.

There are no nutritionists on fitscape weeks.

Cooking Class: On in:spa holidays, the chef and nutritionist host a cookery class for guests to discover exactly how food that is devoid of all the naughty bits (wheat, dairy, salt, sugar, alcohol) can taste so good! These classes are not held on fitscape holidays.

Yoga: Yoga classes are only offered on in:spa retreats. Morning classes are dynamic, whilst evening classes are more relaxing and restorative.

Massage: Guests on in:spa retreats have two massages included as part of the cost of their holiday. Fitscape guests may book and pay for massages at an extra charge, if desired.

Exclusivity: in:spa retreats are to exclusive, private properties where only in:spa guests will be staying at that time. This helps give the feeling of a ‘retreat’ and allows our guests to avoid the distractions of others, for example, drinking coffee at breakfast or enjoying a glass of wine in the evening. Fitscape weeks, whilst mostly at private properties, are not always so.

Similarities: Both holidays are for 7 nights to beautiful sunny destinations with guests staying in comfortable, stylish accommodation. Both are priced on an all inclusive basis, but an in:spa retreat comprises many more elements than a fitscape fitness week.

Lastly, on both types of holiday, all guests can be sure of individual care and attention, and confident that you are in the hands of some of the UK’s leading experts.

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