If you are interested in getting in to shape through fitness training and yoga, enjoying the health benefits of a gourmet detox diet and relaxing with regular blissful massages, an in:spa retreat is a wonderful 7 night holiday option.  Particularly if you would like to be assured of some warm sunshine too!

in:spa retreats are hosted every month throughout the year.  In early Spring and Autumn we are in exotic Marrakesh, and for the rest of the year we divide our time between a glorious chateau in the South of France and a magnificent private residence in Andalusia.  For each retreat, in:spa flies out a winning combination of wellness experts to refresh and revive you. Whilst each member of the in:spa team is a leading expert in their particular fields, with many years experience, it is the combination of expertise and personalities – in a relaxed, friendly, beautiful environment – that makes the in:spa experience so special.  And the team ensure maximum benefits for every guest, such as weight-loss, improved fitness, greater flexibility, stress relief and a heightened sense of wellbeing.

The number of guests on all retreats is strictly limited (max 24) to ensure that everyone receives individual care and attention, and returns home looking and feeling amazing.

Most guests on the retreats are aged between 35 and 60 and always comprises an interesting and diverse group of people.  There are always a handful of couples, plus a significant percentage of women choosing to travel alone.  The in:spa team are all highly experienced and very good at making everyone feel immediately welcome and relaxed on arrival.  They clearly do a great job because, on most retreats, around 40% of guests have been on an in:spa retreat before and many come every year for their ‘annual MOT’.

Indeed, it’s not just our guests who kindly give us rave reviews.  We have had dozens of journalists join us on retreats too.  Here’s a couple of examples of what they have reported:

“Completely inspiring, we could hardly bear to leave… I can’t recommend it highly enough.” Daily Mail

“….I feel fantastic. And a month on, I’m still running, doing yoga and eating less, and a couple more pounds have dropped off. If you aren’t sure how to kick start a new healthy you, don’t stress. Have an in:spa holiday.” Marie Claire

“The in:spa team were a constant source of inspiration, fun and encouragement… None of us wanted to go home.” Sunday Times

in:spa retreats combine three key, proven elements: diet and nutrition, fitness and yoga, massage and relaxation. Our innovative programme delivers highly successful results and, after just 7 days, we promise you will return home refreshed and energised.  Over the past 10 years we have perfected our weekly schedule to ensure exceptional results for every guest.

So, what does a sample day on an in:spa retreat include?  Most days start with an energising morning yoga class (or a run / jog if you prefer) to get your metabolism kick started, followed by a delicious, nutritious breakfast.  Afterwards, we may head out on a hike in the surrounding countryside or do some circuit training.  Afternoons may be put aside for your private nutrition consultation, a massage or a personal training session, or it might be a day when you have plenty of time to relax by the pool in the sunshine with a good book.  Late afternoon, there will be a fitness session (perhaps boxercise) followed by a restorative evening yoga class before dinner.