Beditation is a new buzzword that refers to the concept of meditation and yoga before bed in order to achieve a better night’s sleep. We think it’s rather a good word. It has achieved ‘official status’ since the NHS declared that the advantages of beditation have been clinically proven and that it’s the “ideal bedtime wind-down”. There’s even a NHS video that you can take part in.

We’ve been quietly introducing in:spa retreat guests to the idea of beditation for over 10 years, but we’ve been calling it ‘restorative evening yoga’. Every evening on in:spa retreats, the yoga teacher takes a class that’s designed to stretch your body and unwind and relax your mind. It works beautifully, and certainly helps promote a good night’s sleep. If you’d like to experience the health, fitness and detox benefits of an in:spa retreat (in Marrakech, Andalusia or the South of France) – and enjoy a good night’s sleep – see all forthcoming retreat dates & destinations.

If you can’t wait to discover the joys of beditation on an in:spa retreat, you might be interested to know that we’ve teamed up with Movement for Life, an innovative company that streams yoga and meditation classes direct to your laptop, anytime, anywhere. We are pleased to be able to offer you a 10% discount on whichever subscription service you choose. Just enter HEALTHYHOLS into the coupon code box to automaticaly get 10% off.

For a better night’s sleep, click here to go straight to their Sleep Well videos.

Did you know that what you eat and drink before bedtime can also make a significant difference to the length and quality of your night’s sleep? Emma Olliff, one of in:spa’s expert nutritionists, explains how and why in eat your way to a good night’s sleep